Sangles plates en polyester

Heavy Lift webbingsling 40TSangles plates en polyester avec des boucles renforcées, Sangles plates avec anneaux mâles où femelles.

Nous pouvons fabriquer des sangles plates sur mesure à votre demande et vos specifications particulier.

LIFT-TEX Industrie manufactures webbing slings made from woven industrial webbing in a large range of webbing widths ranging from 30mm-600mm according tot he European Machinery Directive

EN 1492-1:2008+A1.

Webbing slings can be manufactured in a large variety of models adapted to your lifting situation and lifting challenges. Feel free to contact our sales department or product engineers for more technical details.

Private labelling is also possible both on webbing slings and round slings. The label can be printed with your own company name, logo, barcode together with other details. Depending the volume, we webbing can be printed with a company name or other print as well.


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