EXTREEMA® HMPE (with Dyneema®) soft slings continue to expand the brand worldwide!


Over the past years Lift-Tex® has created a tested and proven track record when it comes to HMPE soft slings (such as Dyneema®) under the brand name EXTREEMA®. Today, Lift-Tex® is ready to take the next step by presenting EXTREEMA® XS HMPE soft slings in the lighter lifting capacities ranging from WLL1T up to WLL 10T.

With the new generation EXTREEMA® XS HMPE round slings you are able to replace all PES round slings from WLL 1T up to WLL 20T for a cleaner and more responsible future. Lift-Tex® understands how critical it is to find sustainable improvements on synthetic slings in an ever-changing world. EXTREEMA® slings help you to work more efficient, save time, money and most important, increase safety for riggers and engineers on site.

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