Lift-Tex® Industrie B.V. has put all their efforts to establish a representative and well-known reputation in the Heavy Lift industry with our EXTREEMA® Heavy Lift soft Slings & protections. In 2012 LIFT-TEX became an official Licensee for DSM Dyneema® to manufacture Heavy Lift round slings under our own brand name EXTREEMA made with Dyneema. Since the start Lift-Tex has done business with multiple high profile companies in the on- and off-shore lifting industry supplied through a professional distribution network of dealers.

Not only has Lift-Tex supplied the companies below, Lift-Tex has also been integrated in the project planning, manufacturing, transportation & installation of OWF’s around the world. Because of our high quality EXTREEMA product line, our service level (inspection & repair) and our support in engineering we have been able to combine projects done by the same contractor. This made it possible to save costs on the second or even third project, by using the spare or repaired slings of the first project.

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