Galloper – United Kingdom

EXTREEMA® soft slings made with Dyneema® were provided to GeoSea’s (DEME Group) INNOVATION installation vessel to perform load-out of MP’s from the BOW Terminal in Vlissingen in the Netherlands.

EXTREEMA soft slings with MBL’s varying from MBL 1750T upto MBL 3850T with working lengths upto 32meters were chosen to lift and install 56 monopiles of 85m in length and 7.5m in diameter, with a weight up to 1,200T per MP.

Of the coast of Suffolk (UK) the Galloper wind farm will be fully operational in 2018. The complete load-out & installation project was finished in time and on budget.

After inspection & repair, EXTREEMA soft slings are now being used on future OWF projects such as MERKUR and RENTEL Offshore Windparks. Return on investment and cost savings as a consequence for the contractor have shown and proven to be a success with EXTREEMA Heavy Lift soft slings.

Track Record Offshore Windfarms EXTREEMA®

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