A selection of our product range:

LIFT-TEX® is a Dutch based manufacturer of Heavy Lift Slings, Round Slings, Lashing Systems for heavy transport and protections.
Custom made products and fast delivery time are key to our production process.

Our product range is practically without limitations;



Polyester Webbing Slings are available in a large variety of configurations.
(Equipped with metal end fittings like triangles, master links, shackles, multi-leg slings, etc.)



EXTREEMA® Round slings produced from HMPE Dyneema®
Up to MBL 4000T straight pull, MBL 8000T in a basket lift.




Polyester Heavy Lift Round Slings
(Up to WLL 250 ton straight pull / WWL 500 ton in a basket lift)



Polyester and HMPE lashing systems for heavy transport and loadsecuring.


EXTREEMA® protection sleeves to be assembled on the bearing point and anchoring point.
(produced from Dyneema®)




EXTREEMA Corner protector
EXTREEMA® corner protections for lifting under sharp edges.
(produced from Dyneema®)



More detailed information and technical specifications about our products can be obtained from our technical sales persons and product engineers on demand.

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