Merkur – Germany

Merkur OWF will be one of the largest offshore wind farms off the coast of Germany. The park is located about 45 kilometers North of Borkum. In total, the OWF will generate

400 MW. EXTREEMA® soft slings with MBL’s varying from MBL 1750T up to MBL 3850T with working lengths up to 32meters were chosen to lift and install Monopile foundations with a weight up to 1.100MT, a length of 70m and a diameter of 8,1m. The complete load-out onto the Innovation installation Jack-up vessel owned by GeoSea was performed using EXTREEMA Heavy Lift soft slings. The EXTREEMA/HMPE soft slings made with Dyneema® have also been used to install previous OWF which confirm the added value of cost savings and return on investment when using EXTREEMA HMPE soft slings made with Dyneema.

After de-mobilisation of the installation jack-up vessel the EXTREEMA Heavy Lift slings can be inspected and repaired for future projects on demand by the contractor.

Dyneema is made by DSM Dyneema in the Netherlands. DSM Dyneema provides the necessary EU-preferential origin Certificates or even Manufacturer Approval Certificates for the Dyneema raw materials, unlike Asian/Chinese HMPE manufacturers.

EXTREEMA soft slings can be Proof loaded acc. to DNV offshore regulations and accompanied with a Certificate on demand.

Track Record Offshore Windfarms EXTREEMA®

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