Van Oord subsea pipeline replenishment

Van Oord are replenishing and inserting a subsea pipeline to enable under water transportation of crude oil.

In the North East of England Van OORD, a Dutch based company replaced a 36″ oil pipeline with a length of 4.5 km. The pipeline runs from a buoy at sea in the Tetney Oil Terminal and is used for the intake of crude oil supplied by tankers. The existing pipeline dated from 1971 and had to be replaced. The work also included a landing and the construction of a remote controlled valve, which required the installation of a Pipeline End Manifold or PLEM. To limit disturbance of the fragile coast line to a minimum, a large part of the welding took place in the port of Amsterdam. Subsequently, the long strands of pipeline were transported to the project location by ship. The load-out of the pipeline strands was done with a total number of 172 Heavy Lift Soft Slings (roundslings)

WLL 30Tonnes lifting capacity each,made by Lift-Tex® from the Netherlands.

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