About Lift-Tex®

Lift-Tex® is a leading and innovative synthetic sling manufacturer. In our factory, based in the Netherlands, we set the standard for world class textile lifting equipment for (heavy) lift projects worldwide.


We offer a complete range of synthetic lifting equipment: from webbing slings to round slings, from protection sleeves to our high performance Extreema® heavy lift HMPE slings (with Dyneema®), Lift-Tex® is able to produce the lifting sling you need in order to complete the job safely and correctly.

In order to achieve high performance synthetic round slings, Lift-Tex® uses modern equipment and both traditional raw materials (polyester) as well as HMPE or UHMWPE high performance materials, such as Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™.

With over 50 years company history our distributor network can be found in over 35 countries worldwide dedicated to heavy lift projects. Lift-Tex® services the oil and gas industry, subsea and deep ocean, automotive, military, nuclear and aerospace industries.

Extremely large production facilities ensure that tailor made soft slings can be manufactured with extremely short lead times to be shipped around the world. Strict quality control, high flexibility in production, well trained, skilled and experienced staff, research and development are just a few of the Lift-Tex® key values.

Lift-Tex® is an ISO 9001-2015 certified company by DNV/GL. All slings are manufactured acc. to CE Standard and proof –and breakload tested regularly.


Our products

  • Extreema® heavy lift round slings with Dyneema®
  • Polyester standard and heavy lift round slings
  • Polyester standard and heavy lift webbing slings
  • Protection sleeves

Our services

  • Engineering support
  • Inspection and repair