Standard polyester round slings

Our polyester standard round slings are made from high quality polyester yarn that makes up the core  and can be produced with different sleeve qualities. Moreover, the slings are produced according to the European standard for round sling: EN 1492-2.


Standard polyester round slings

Our standard polyester round slings are available from 1t up to 10t and in lenghts ranging from 0,2m to 20m.

It is possible to produce the round slings with the standard ER sleeve, which is competitively priced and has a printed WLL indication. In case you need a sleeve which is more resistant to sharp edges, the Techlift sleeve can be a suitable choice. The Techlift sleeve is very wear resistant, which results in a longer life span. In addition, the techlift sleeve has woven tonnage stripes.

Naturally, all our products are produced according to the European norm 1492-2.

Article number ER sleeve: ER/WLL/EWL

Article number Techlift sleeve: EM/WLL/EWL

Technical product information

The data below represents data for our standard polyester product range. It is possible to produce polyester heavy lift round slings with a WLL ranging from 1t up to 10t. In case you need other technical data, please contact us.

Violet Green Yellow Grey
WLL (ton) 1 2 3 4
Ø (mm) 10 15 19 22 Standard ER/1/ewl ER/2/ewl ER/3/ewl ER/4/ewl Techlift EM/1/ewl EM/2/ewl EM/3/ewl EM/4/ewl


Red Brown Blue Orange
WLL (ton) 5 6 8 10
Ø (mm) 24 26 31 36 Standard ER/5/ewl ER/6/ewl ER/8/ewl ER/10/ewl Techlift EM/5/ewl EM/6/ewl EM/8/ewl EM/10/ewl

Our products

  • Extreema® heavy lift round slings with Dyneema®
  • Polyester standard and heavy lift round slings
  • Polyester standard and heavy lift webbing slings
  • Protection sleeves

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  • Engineering support
  • Inspection and repair

Get to know Extreema® XS

By making use of the WLL 3T (6T basket), WLL 5T (10T basket) and WLL 10T (20T basket) Extreema® slings, you can discard all polyester slings from 1T up to 20T.

Our products


Extreema® heavy lift

Heavy lift round slings and protective sleeves produced with general HMPE or UHMWPE high performance materials, such as bio-based Dyneema®.

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round sling

Heavy lift round slings

Polyester round slings, available from 12t to 200t, produced with high quality polyester yarn and according to the norm EN 1492-2.

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Extreema® protection


According to the EN-1492 regulations the synthetic lifting sling should always be protected on the anchoring point as well as the lifting appliance.

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