Extreema® heavy lift slings

Extreema® is the leading brand of Lift-Tex® Industrie. The Extreema® heavy lift round slings (with bio-based Dyneema®) are used for manufacturing, transportation and installation of big modules, renewables, oil riggs, FPSO’s, nuclear lifting projects and the automotive industry.

The Extreema® round sling 

Unlike braided fiber ropes, the construction of an Extreema® round sling is based on parallel laid fiber technology that make up the core. The core of an Extreema® round sling is always made of 100% high performance fibers such as Dyneema® , the world’s strongest fiber™, or general HMPE. This makes the slings up to 7-8 times stronger than steel on a weight for weight basis and a weight reduction up to 80% compared to wire rope.

Parallel laid fiber technology Extreema® round slings have proven to be significantly stronger (between 30-50% higher MBL’s!) when break loaded on Ramshorn DIN shaped hooks, compared to braided fiber ropes.


The growing awareness in the heavy lift industry shows an increasing demand for Extreema® light weight slings that are flexible, safe and easy to work with. Extreema® light weight soft slings reduce environmental pollution and the choice for the right Extreema® construction (core, cover and protections) will significantly drop the total cost of ownership and have proven to be a cost saving investment for challenging heavy lift projects on- and offshore in many industries.


Extreema® round slings with bio-based Dyneema® core yarn can be supplied with a EU-origin certificate of the core material, and DNV Approval of manufacture certificate by Avient Protective Materials Dyneema®. Extreema® round slings with general HMPE core yarn material can only be accompanied with a Certificate of Conformity acc. to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


  • Extremely low weight
  • Flexible, soft and easy to handle
  • Low elongation
  • Do not absorb water
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • Good resistance to cut, abrasion and puncture