Both Lift-Tex® and Liftex® USA have been serving the global lifting industry for decades and have developed products where safety, quality, innovation and performance are the most important factors. These shared core values and similar approach to lifting challenges ensure a perfect foundation for a collaboration.

Therefore, Lift-Tex® and Liftex® USA have decided to join forces and hereby present Liftex® USA as the first official dealer of Extreema® in North- America.

About Extreema®
Extreema® is the official brand of Lift-Tex®. Extreema® heavy lift soft slings are high quality synthetic round slings made from high performance fibers such as HMPE or Dyneema® (UHMWPE). Extreema® slings are known to be light weight, flexible and highly resistant to cut, abrasion and puncture. In addition, they have a good resistance to chemicals and do not absorb water.

Since January 2021 all Dyneema® fibers processed in Extreema® slings are bio-based. Bio-based Dyneema® reduces the reliance on fossil fuel based resources. Subsequently, the use of bio-based Dyneema® fiber enables users of Extreema® slings to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining the same trusted performance.

Extreema® slings are used in many configurations, such as the manufacturing, transportation and installation of big modules, renewables, oil riggs and FPSO’s, nuclear lifting projects and the automotive industry.

About Liftex® USA
Liftex®, the most trusted names in slings since 1955™, manufactures high quality lifting slings and cargo control products sold exclusively through a network of 300 distributors across North America.  The addition of Extreema® heavy lift soft slings and sling protection products positions Liftex® as the premier supplier in North America of best-in-class high performance roundsling and sling protection products.

Today’s announcement of the collaboration between Liftex® USA and Lift-Tex® builds on the aim of providing the market with high quality, light weight, flexible and sustainable lifting equipment worldwide. For more information please contact us:

Liftex – Philadelphia Office
780 Falcon Circle, Suite 105
Warminster, PA 18974, USA
Tel. (800) 299-0900

Lift-Tex® Industrie B.V.
Feithspark 9-1
9356 BX Tolbert, The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0) 594 200010


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