Merkur offshore wind farm (owf) is one of the largest offshore wind farms along the coast of Germany. The park is located about 45 kilometers North of Borkum. In total this owf generates 400-MegaWatt. EXTREEMA® heavy lift soft slings were chosen to lift and install the monopile foundations. The monopile foundations had a length of 70 meters, a diameter of 8,1 meters and a weight of 1.100t.

The EXTREEMA® heavy lift soft slings have been used to install owf’s before, which confi rms the added value and return on investment of using EXTREEMA® heavy lift soft slings.

After the de-mobilization of the jack-up vessel installation, the EXTREEMA® heavy lift soft slings were inspected and repaired for future projects. A total of 3.500 lifts were executed with these EXTREEMA® heavy lift soft slings, showing virtually no loss of strength after being tested.

EXTREEMA® heavy lift soft slings show excellent length tolerances, using a multi-leg lifting assembly with a spreader or lifting beam.

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